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model velocity vectors using an arcline


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Hello, I have two problems regarding velocity vectors.

1. I would like to view velocity results from a model as a line of vector values at specified points in the model mesh (not necessarily at nodes, in between nodes). I would like to be able to skip through the time steps with the vector arrows changing according to the model results. Is this possible? If so, how? I can't see it in any of the tutorials.

2. I would then like to view my model velocity vectors overlaid on an arcline of field measurements. I can see a way to import my field data and have them show up in the transect line as velocity vectors. At the moment if I load two different field observation transects as velocity vectors, I can only see one transect at once by clicking through the objects. However I'd like to be able to view them all at once.

Eventually I would like to be able to compare the model velocity vectors with the field observation velocity vectors at the same time using different coloured arrows so that I can see how close my ADCP transects are to the model results at that time step. I have attached an image that I did in QGIS, but it takes a long time to process. It would be better to be able to do it in SMS.post-45460-0-94736500-1409175039_thumb.j

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1. This is easy to do in SMS. In the map module, create arcs where you'd like to have vectors displayed. In the vector display options, set the display of vectors to "on a coverage" and select the appropriate coverage.

2. If you have multiple observed vector data points, you should be able to import them into an observation coverage and merge coverages if needed. Feel free to send your files to support@aquaveo.com and we can investigate further.

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