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GMS, drain package, error: Array allocation failed: ilupc-iluk

Merete Hørlück

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I have a problem, when I use the drain package. I want to model streams with the drain package in the form of polylines. Additionally, I want to apply a general form of draining using the drain package in the form of polygons. However, when I map both coverages to MODFLOW NWT, the model writes: Array allocation failed: ilupc-iluk. What does this mean?

I have tried mapping each coverages separately and when MODFLOW NWT as no problem running :S

Best regards


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MODFLOW is reporting that there isn't enough memory available for the NWT solver. If you have a 64-bit install of windows you could try the 64-bit build of MODFLOW which would make more memory available. It can be turned on for one model in the MODFLOW | Global Options dialog or for any GMS project opened by going to Edit | Preferences and checking "64 bit" in the MODFLOW section.

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