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Renumbering multiple ocean boundaries


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Please can someone provide insight into renumbering multiple boundaries logically using the ADCIRC unstructured mesh.

Clockwise I have 4 boundaries:

1. An ocean boundary that is renumbered logically [1:106] which will be VARIABLE.

2. A section of a large island (Isle of Wight) classed as "mainland".

3. Another ocean boundary (The Solent) which will be CONSTANT.

4. Then the actual mainland (South coast England.).

For input into SWAN I need to reference [start ,end] node locations of each boundary. Renumbering only renumbers boundary 1 sensibly, leaving ocean boundary 2 and both the mainland boundaries randomly numbered. I would ideally like the numbering to be sequential through all the boundaries, or at least the two oceans.

I have tried merging 1,2, and 3 to create a logical numbering system, but am struggling to "unmerge" the island section.

Any hints/tips/help would be greatly appreciated!



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I am not sure exactly what issue you are talking about. The nodestrings do not require sequential node numbers, you just need to know which nodes make up each nodestring, and SMS saves all this information automatically in the fort.15.

If you renumber nodes from a nodestring, SMS does assign the nodes in that nodestring the intial node IDs, but neither ADCIRC, nor SWAN care about that. We recommend that you use the global node numbering (added in SMS 11.1). Then none of the nodestrings will be numbered with sequential node IDs, but as I said, this is not an issue.

There can be issues with multiple nodestrings connecting end to end. For that situation, you are best off merging the nodestrings into a single nodestring. This requires that the two nodestrings actually share one end point. Select both nodestrings, right click and select merge, and they become one nodestring. If the two nodestrings begin and end at separate nodes, they cannot be merged, but I think ADCIRC will still work for that case because the boundary conditions are actually assigned at the nodes.

If this is not the problem you are encountering, please clarify and we can try again.


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