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some problem using STWAVE v. 6.0.17


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Good Morning,

we have some problem using STWAVE v. 6.0.17 [built: (2012-3-19 12:00) OPTIONS: (REAL32, opt )].

We re-installed our SMS 11.0.5 on PC with Windows 7 Home edition 32 bit and now, every STWAVE simulation finished immediately, without creating output file, or creating output files with WAVE or PERIOD value with a range bad.
For example with a simulation with this spectra with "propagation only" mode:
- ANGLE ( meteorologic) : 135 °N
- Hs: 1 m
- Tp: 10 s
- gamma : 3.3
- nn: 4
- gauge depth:100 m

but in the grid cell output value for depth near 100 m I have:
-Hs: 9 m
- Direction: 115 °N

I tried the tutorial simulation and it finished immediately without creating a otuput file.

I tried to reinstall SMS many times but the result doesn't change.

Can you help me?


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It sounds like the simulation is not getting the wave conditions saved correctly. The details of managing those files has changed between 11.0, 11.1 and 11.2, so depending on which version you are using it may require different checks from your part.

If you go into the model control dialog, then into the boundary condition cases, and verify that the spectra are assigned there, that is the first step.

If that looks right, you need to make sure SMS knows where the simulation is saving out. Doing a "Save As...|STWAVE" usually clarifies this.

If all of that is already set, I would suggest you submit your files to Aquaveo tech support and we can get your problem resolved.


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thank you for help.

I checked the condition files and I think that in *.eng file SMS write automatically a irregular line about the wind-generated spectra. I think it because my simulation is "only propagation" simulation but at line 25 after the Frequencies parameters and the symbol # there is written 1 0.0 145.0 0.08 0.0 528872.1143016 4090879.001541. I think I found a line as 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0.

I cheked the operations that I set model control panel, but I do them correctly.

I try to change it manually but every "lunch STWAVE" operation, it returns to be equal how I describe first.

I try to re-install SMS but the result isn't change.

I try to change theWindows 7 professional language option from Italian to English (U.S.) but but the result isn't change.

Do you think about it?

However I am going to submit your tech support my file.


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You can email your files to support@aquaveo.com. If they are too large to attach, we have an anonymous ftp site. I would start with an email.

If I (or tech support) could see your files I am sure we could get your problem resolved very quickly. If we can understand what has caused your confusion, we can post a notice to help others avoid it.


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