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Allow Lake BC grid cells to be selectable


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When viewing a MODFLOW model using the Lake package (LAK), the Lake cells cannot normally be selected, unless either viewing the Ibound dataset or changing 3D Grid Display Options for Inactive cells.

Note that the cells in Ortho mode appear to be missing (empty fill), as they are inactive, but still have a Lake MODFLOW BC Symbol in the center. The error message when attempting to select a Lake cell is "You must first select a gridcell(s) in order to change its attributes."


This is because the cells are coded as inactive (IBOUND = 0), as specified by the LAK Package.

It would be nice to allow the the "Select Cells" tool to be allowed to select cells that use the Lake BC, without needing to change the inactive cell option in the 3D Grid Display option or when viewing the Ibound dataset.

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