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RMA2 Dynamic Memory Allocation


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I'm trying to optimize the memory allocated to run my RMA2 simulations. When executing RMA2 from SMS version 10, the r2memsize file that is listed in the SMS 10.0\models directory is not used when RMA2 is executed. It seems like SMS 10 is replacing the r2memsize.dat file that I specify with a r2memsize.dat that SMS is creating when I execute the simulation from within SMS. I don't want this to happen because the NBS assigned by SMS is too small and therefore buffer blocks need to be written when solving the solution. For long, dynamic simulations, this slows down my model considerably.

If I run the RMA2 from a DOS command line I don't have this problem. As long as my user specified r2memsize.dat file is in the same directory as the executable, it uses my user defined parameters.

Is this a possible bug in SMSv10 or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance.

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