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10/85% Mean Elevation for Max Flow Distance Calculation Output


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WMS program calculates the 10/85% mean elevation for max flow distance as seen in the DEM/Computed basin data/drain data compute options window. However I cannot find an output for this calculation. Anyone have an idea where this can be found? Currently we have to determine this manually on the map.

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There is currently no good way to view this value from inside of WMS. However, if you open the .map file saved from WMS with your WMS project in a text editor like Notepad++, you can search for a line with "POLYGONBASIN" at the beginning of the line. The name of the basin comes after this line description. The last item on the line is the 10/85% mean elevation and the one before it is the 10/85 slope. I will add the option to display/export this value to our list of requested features.


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