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Max. storage in reservoirs less than set value HEC-HMS


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I was using the Elevation-Area to drecrive Storage Method for a dam which causes HEC-HMS to use the conic formula to calculate the storage. This was resulting in storage being less than expected value depending on the dam lake size.

When elevation-storage is used instead of elevation-area for the "Storage Method" describing the dam, I get the error message:

"ERROR 44382: Elevation-area table must be defined for reservoir "Reservoir-1" for monthly evaporation method"

Eventhough the elevation-area table is entered into the model.

Any help on resolving this error? Thanks.


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Hi Malsmadi,

HMS has several options for defining reservoir storage routing. HMS requires that you define some kind of relationship between elevation vs storage and elevation or storage vs discharge so it can compute storage volumes based on the reservoir inflow hydrographs. I'd just check your reservoir in the HMS interface and make sure you've defined an elevation-storage curve and a storage-discharge curve. All the values with a "*" should be defined in the HMS interface. If you don't want to define a storage-discharge curve, you can define outlet structures and a spillway structure directly in HMS and have HMS compute the storage-outflow curve based on the structures you define.

Let me know if I can help with anything else,


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