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Unable to Start...fst2dh332.exe


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An error occurred on my computer today. It was unique to my machine; the same model files ran just fine on other computers in my office. My computer statistics are as follows:

Windows 7 (SP1)

Processor: Intel Xeon CPU (quad) 3.07 GHz

RAM: 12.0 GB

64-bit OS

SMS 11.1.13 64-bit

FESWMS Version 3.*


Upon initiating a FESWMS model, it does not show any of the typical initiation information or begin iterations of the 1st time step. Only one line appears in the FESWMS progress window, which is copied below. The process does not end in a normal fashion, as the button continues to read "Abort," rather than switch to "Exit."

Unable to start C:\Program Files\SMS 11.1 64-bit\models\fst2dh\fst2dh332.exe [project name].fpr

The *.fpr file is copied below. Does this look appropriate for a FESWMS model? The model is a coastal hydrodynamic model at a bay/estuary. No sediment or wind data are being considered at this time.

[project name].fpr file text before initiating run:

[project name].dat

[project name].net







[project name].prt

[project name].flo







[project name].pro

[project name].sta

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling SMS on my computer to no avail. Has anyone come across an issue like this in the past? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance,


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As Cameron mentioned, you can try checking for spaces or special characters in the project name. But the error message seems to indicate that the FESWMS program never starts. Another thing to check is that the file location for FESWMS has been specified in the Edit | Preferences dialog. A potential cause could be related to file/directory permissions. You could try copying the FST2DH executable to your model directory, resetting the model location in Edit | Preferences, and then running again. You are also welcome to contact technical support directly and we can troubleshoot further with your files.


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Thanks for your help. Copying the executable into my working folder did allow me to run FESWMS and complete my task. Since this has never been the case before I wonder what may have gone wrong. My only remaining guess is something got broken in the file location, but I never found it. My files always had underscores, but never spaces. I tried removing all but the letters and numbers to no avail.

Again, I appreciate the assistance and quick responses.

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