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My model can't converge!


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Hi everyone,

I am trying to build a steady-state model. I am using lake, river, specified head(Ibound) boundary conditions. I also assigned hyd. cond. and recharge values to my model. I interpolated my top, bottom and starting head values from gis data.

But when I run my model, it can't converge it. I also checked my model. There is no error. I believe there are some dry cells which makes it impossible to solve.

I changed the elevations to a fixed thickness on my model. Then I would be able to solve it.

What would you suggest about layer elevations or anything else?

Thank you guys,

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Yes, I did model check for modflow. It says no error for any packages.

I would be able to run it as a confined aquifer. But head values of the outside model boundary are lower than the bottom of cells. This is why it doesn't converge it using convertible aquifer property. But I know those cells should't be dry. The data that get from gis is correct. What can be the error for that?


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"head values of the outside model boundary are lower than the bottom of the cells" "I know those cells shouldn't be dry"

Are you specifying the heads in those cells, or is the model making them dry? If the model is making them dry, do you need to include recharge to keep them wet, or are your starting heads too far away from the solution such that during iterations, the head drops so much that it goes below the bottom of the cell? Try adjusting your starting heads to be close to what you expect the solution to be. You can also try a different solver.

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