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Animating layer attributes in AHGW projects in ArcScene?


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I'm trying to animate a couple of projects I made in ArcScene. I've read and watched a number of tutorials on ArcGIS animation, but still can't find the answer I'm looking for. I want to make an animation where I show different layer attribute IDs fading in and out opposed to showing the entire layer all at once.

For example, I want to animate the Geosection to Points tutorial layers such as the Borepoints, GeoSection, Horizon rasters, and GeoVolumes where I show the borepoints for different horizons separately fading in and out, then the GeoSection, followed by the different horizon rasters, and lastly the Geovolume horizonIDs (see some of the representative screen captures I'd like to animate turning on and off).

I think what I want to do is make a Group Animation, however, when I do that, it shows every layer in the ArcScene project in its entirety, for example ALL the borepoints for different horizons, the entire GeoVolume (i.e., all three horizons at once), etc.. When I try to make individual keyframes of different layer attribute IDs (e.g., borepoints for horizons -5 through 7 independently), all I get is one track with 4 keyframes that are all the same, which is simply the last keyframe I made of borepoints for horizon ID=7 (I tried to upload a video where I captured a key frame of each of the borepoint IDs -5, 5, 6,and 7 selected and displayed separately, but apparently we can't upload videos?).

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,











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I would suggest going through the ArcGIS examples and tutorials for animations, as what you're asking isn't specific to Arc Hydro Groundwater.

Other things to explore would be creating a time animation (if appropriate) or exporting your data for a single attribute into a new layer (for example, having one borepoint layer for horizon ID 7, another for horizon ID 6, etc.)

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