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Interest in 64-bit support

Rusty Jones

64-bit support  

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  1. 1. How Interested are you in seeing a 64-bit version of SMS

    • I run out of memory when using the 32-bit version and need a 64-bit version
    • I might get the 64-bit version to avoid running out of memory but haven't needed it before
    • The 32-bit version works fine for my needs

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I do have a 64-bit machine, but I am much more interested in taking advantages of the multiple cores in my computer. Every time I see a process that says 12.5% of CPU (1 out of 8 cores), I can't think about the opportunity lost


Hi Greg,

We obviously are interested in improving the speed of our application and at times parallel processing is an option for this. At times, using parallel processing would be very difficult such as when creating a finite element mesh (although some parts may be able to use parallel processing). We have some idea of hotspots that we would like to improve such as refreshing the display.

Are there specific tasks you do inside SMS that seem to take a long time that you would like to see parallel processing used? Features that you use a lot and take a measurable amount of time or that take an extremely long time are prime candidates for work. I would love to get ideas about areas of SMS that could be sped up.

It has always been my opinion that the times that users wait the most is while they are waiting for their numeric engine to run. Unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do about this. These engines are developed by other organizations.



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