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Using a georeferenced image as background map for HEC-HMS


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HMS allows several formats for background maps.

I have an aerial photo in .jpg format which I would like to use as a background. There is an option to add a georeferenced image witch should have a .IMG extension.

I have not found any explanation about this format. However, I have found at least 5 different .IMG file formats produced by various GIS-systems.

Can anyone explain the IMG format for background maps in HMS, and how to create one from a georeferenced JPG image.



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Thank you for your question. WMS does not currently export a .img file with an image for HMS. I will add this onto our feature request list for the next version of WMS. Here is the .img file format:

Image North=3974603.290000000000000
Image West=770856.630000000000000
Image South=3960384.490000000000000
Image East=782586.6300000000000000
Image URL=image.jpg
Where the numbers are north, west, south, and east coordinates of the image.
The .img file would normally be referenced in the .basin file, but you could just add it from the HMS interface directly and HMS will write out the file as needed.
Let me know if you have any further questions.
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