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I just strated exploring AHGW, does any know where to get documnetation about building a database for AHGW environment? I was looking for a data template for borehole data table, hydrogeological unit data table and the like to populate all the feilds which are important to draw cros sections and other analysis, your help is highly appreciated.

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Here are a couple of sources:

Book: Arc Hydro Groundwater: GIS for Hydrogeology (Gil Strassberg, Norman Jones, David Maidment)

Online: http://archydrogw.com

If you just need all of the feature classes, tables, etc. with all of the fields, run the Create Blank AHGW Geodatabase geoprocessing tool. You can pick and choose which datasets to create, and all of the correct fields are added to them.

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Check the Groundwater Analyst toolset in the Arc Hydro Groundwater Tools toolbox. If you can't find the toolbox in your "System Toolboxes" area in Arc Toolbox, browse to your AHGW install area and look for it there.

Create Blank AHGW Geodatabase is available to anyone who has installed AHGW.


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