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No linear contours exist. Aborting.

Dirk Herding

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I tried to convert layer contours (calculated heads, transient sim) into arcs to generate shapes (GMS9.2.3). Can anyone tell me what the error message “No linear contours exist. Aborting.” means. I did not have this problem in the past. When I am using GMS8.3 it works. Are there any special settings in GMS9 – in the Display Options dialog the “Layer Contours” option is grey. The contour method is linear and the data set is activated.


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This is a bug. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently looking into fixing this.

There is a workaround to get the layer contours by going through the following steps:

- Make sure the 3D Grid module is selected

- Select the Grid | Convert To | 2D Grid menu

- Select the Grid | 3D data -> 2D data menu

- Click on the "3D Data Set..." button and select the data set you want the arcs from

- From the "Create data set using" popup select Value from k layer

- Set the layer value to the right of the popup to the desired layer

- Hit okay for the new 2D data set name

- Select the new data set in the project explorer

- Turn on the 2D grid linear contours

- Select Grid | Convert To | Contours -> Arcs

If you have a multi-layer 3D grid you'll have to do this for each layer. Also, when setting up the 2D grid linear contour options you'll likely have to turn on Specify range and manually set the range to match the range in the 3D grid contour options.

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