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RMA2 Hotstart file not recognized


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I am running a steady state RMA2 model using SMS. I am having trouble starting the model with a hotstart from a previous run with a different downstream boundary. When I run the model as coldstart bathtub with all of the nodes covered it runs fine. When I rerun the same model using the hotsart from that run it runs fine. If I change the downstream boundary and try to rerun it using the hotstart from the run with the previous downstream boundary it cannot find the hotstart file. This is the message I get from the model output:

RMA2 run control input file name= 23_2t.bc
RMA2 full results listing file name= 23_2t.ot2
Gfgen binary geometry output file name= 23_2t.bin
RMA2 INPUT HOTSTART file name [binary]= C:\Work\Projects\12-1016_Lower_Yolo_Final_Design\RMA2\23\23_1_COLDSTART\23_1.hot
--> Cannot find HOTSTART input file

--> RMA2 cannot find this input file.
--> path way to file =null
--> file name =C:\Work\Projects\12-1016_Lower_Yolo_Final_Design\RMA2\23\23_1_COLDSTART\23_1.hot
--> Inquire failed on =C:\Work\Projects\12-1016_Lower_Yolo_Final_Design\RMA2\23\23_1_COLDS

I notice that when I change the downstream boundry the model requires a rerun of the GFGEN and then it needs to saved before running RMA2. The steering module seems to be running fine.

Any clue why its not recognizing the hotstart file?

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If the boundary conditions are the only change from the first run to the second run, then a re-run of GFGEN would not be necessary. Re-running GFGEN would likely make the model incompatible with the hotstart file. Please send your files to technical support and we'd be happy to troubleshoot the problem for you.


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By default, RMA2 looks for a hotstart file in the same file directory as the project. You must browse to the location of the hotstart file by selecting the file directory button.

Once you have located it, select open and the location will be saved. Then you must save the file before running.

When I did this, RMA2 seemed to run successfully. However, it did re-run GFGEN before running RMA2. Perhaps there is still some issue here?

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