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Material Properties in UPW Package


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I have been able to run my simulations with Modflow NWT with the UPW Package and I am now in the process of calibrating the model. What I have come to notice is that the materials' properties that I have defined in 'MATERIALS: Modflow' seem to have been swapped around when applied to the UPW package. Horizontal anis. seems to have taken values from Vertical anis; Specific yield takes values from Specific storage and vice versa.

When I select the 'USE MATERIAL ID' option in UPW, the values in these parameters remain the same and a Modflow run creates a flat Error vs. Interation line and does not produce any usable result.

Is this supposed to happen or has this been caused by a bug in the software? Also I would be very grateful if you could help with how you could apply adjusted materials properties to the model for the process of calibration.

Many thanks for your help.

H. Tan

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I'm not sure what's going on based on your description. It'd be helpful if we could see your files. I recommend contacting tech support.

There are several tutorials dealing with calibration. You can find them at the learning center (or on your computer if you've downloaded the tutorials). The tutorial "Transient Calibration Pump Test" defines parameters on the materials and may be helpful.

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