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Water Level in Drains


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As I understand it, when you set a water level in a drain, it forces the water level in that cell to be fixed at the specified drain level. Is that true?

I have found in my models that the above statement is true for medium to low conductivity layers, but when I have had layers with a high hydraulic conductivity, the water level is often several feet above the specified drain level. I have to put multiple drains in the single cell to force it to go the required drain level. Is this the correct behavior for a drain?

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If the conductance of the drain is too low, the water can't get "into" the drain to get out of the model. If you want to make sure that the water ends up at the drain elevation, you make the conductance very high. Putting 3 drains into one cell at the same elevation is basically like putting one drain into the cell with a higher conductance.

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