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WMS placing cross sections in the wrong reaches

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When exporting GIS to create HEC-RAS model from WMS, some cross sections get misplaced into the wrong reaches which obviously causes problems. I went and verified in WMS all the misplaced cross sections and they are in the proper reach in WMS but somehow get shifted to a completely different reach once HEC-RAS is created.

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That is strange; If you can send me a simple example I could fix the problem. One way to fix the problem might be to go to your Cross Section coverage and select River Tools | Recompute All Stations from the menus. I'd also recommend drawing and defining reach names for your river centerlines and banks first and then drawing your cross sections. When you draw your cross sections, the cross sections use the reach names in the Centerline coverage to assign a reach to the cross section. If the reach name changes, recomputing your stations in your cross section coverage should fix the problems in that coverage. Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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