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Error - Error reading from binary file (unknown shape record - 1566236095)

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Instead of digitizing left and right banks for the purpose of floodplain modeling, I am trying to create buffers around the streams and use those instead.

I am creating buffers around streams and dissolving them into one buffer then converting polygon to polyline and spliting the polyline at the upstream end of each stream (If I do not split, only one bank point will be created in the cross section. I am guessing because the polyline ID is the same on either side).

I then give each side on each segment a unique ID so if we have 10 streams in the watershed, I end up with 20 segments with 20 unique IDs.

I bring in the polyline into WMS but I get the error message mentioned in the subject above. Any ideas as to what is causing this?

I am using WMS 9.1 64-bit with a build date of 8/26/2013. The polylines are generated in ArcMap 9.3.1. Thanks.

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My guess is that you need to clean your coverage containing the stream buffers after you're done editing it. I'd just keep your polygon and try reading the whole polygon into WMS. Then convert the polygon to a coverage and add nodes where you want to split your bank arcs. Then delete the bank arcs you don't need. You could also try cleaning your coverage before exporting from ArcMap if you have the correct license to do that.

In general though, I'd recommend not using the buffers as bank arcs because the bank arcs are used to measure overbank lengths in your model. These lengths would actually be different than your stream centerline lengths because the distance of the channel banks from the stream centerline varies depending on the geometry of the channel. It's usually best to manually create your bank lines using channel and floodplain contours to determine where the banks are located or using an aerial photograph or map of the area surrounding the stream.


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