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left and right banks identification

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Are there any negative implications of not creating a left and right bank arc in the centerline coverage? Instead, I am creating left and right banks in the WMS cross section editor and exporting cross sections into HEC-RAS which seems to accept the points and show them in the proper place. Is this OK? Thanks.

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The left and right bank arcs in the 1D Hyd Centerline coverage are used to determine the left and right overbank lengths that are used in HEC-RAS. It would be easiest to draw these banks in WMS and have WMS measure the lengths, but if you want to measure each of these lengths manually and enter the values into HEC-RAS, you could do that also. WMS also automatically places the left and right bank points where cross section lines intersect with the bank arcs so you don't have to do this manually for each cross section. So what you're doing is fine, but you'll have to manually enter the left and right overbank lengths when you run your model in RAS.


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