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Map 1D Schematic does not generate full schematic

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I have a situation where most of the analysis area is contained in one watershed but there is an independent subwatershed with a different outlet that is not part of the main watershed. The main watershed has 10 subs. When I finished creating the cross sections and was ready to start the HEC-RAS project, I tried the Map 1D Schematic and it only generated the schmatic for the independent sub and none of the remaining 10 subwatersheds. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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When building an HEC-RAS model, WMS only supports one river and its tributaries. If you have other rivers to model, you need to build separate models and separate WMS projects for each of the rivers. In other words, if all the rivers don't drain to the same outlet point, you will need a separate model/project for each river. For your model, you need two separate projects since you have two distinct rivers with different outlets.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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