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Error message in Run Check - Error Drain elevation below cell bottom


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I have build a steady state model in GMS using the conceptuel approach generating solids and streams.

I wanted to incoprate drains into my model using a polygon based shapefile.

This is no problem until I run a simulation check in MODFLOW.

Then I get the folowing error:

Error: Drain elevation is below cell bottom in cell i=31, j=52, k=1 for stress period 1.



... and so on for several cells.

What does this error message mean? The model run without any problems.


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It means exactly what the error says. You put a drain into a cell and set its elevation below the bottom elevation of the cell. It really belongs in the cell below the one you have it in. Basically, you typically set up drains to remove water to a certain elevation. By setting the drain elevation below the cell bottom elevation, you are saying that the cell should be dry.....and once it becomes dry, it is inactive and the drain no longer works in that cell. I think you can see the conflict there. It is best to just place the drain in the correct cell.

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