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Flood Arrival Time


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Hey there,

im using SMS v10.1 and HYDRO_AS-2D v2.2 and im trying to figure out, how to obtain the arrival time of a flood wave, to do loss calculations. In fact, I'd like to know the time it takes until the water depth is >= 2 feet for every single node.

The simulation was non-steady with around 360 timesteps and the mesh has 600.000 Nodes.

I've tried the DEPTH.dat file with the Data Toolbox and the Modification (Filter) and used the if condition (>= 2) and set to assign the time in hours. But the resulting file still seems to contain all timesteps?

I've read here: http://xmswiki.com/x...Dataset_Toolbox where it says: "If the value passes the specified filter, the following can be assigned (...) time – The first time the condition was met. Time can be specified in seconds, minutes, hours or days, and includes fractional values (such as 3.27 hours)." That sounds exactly like what im looking for, but i seem to do something wrong?

In the end i would like to have a file with X,Y,t where X and Y are the coordinates and t the arrival time. I know how to export a *.txt file and how to assign the X and Y coordinates, but i fail to calculate the dataset with the arrival time.

Hopefully someone got an idea :)

Thanks in Advance!


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