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Running Exported MF2k Files

Bruce Campbell

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Hi -- I'm having a problem with the files produced from GMS from the "Export Native MF2K Text" command. The export process works file and produces MODFLOW files in text format but I can't get the files to run using the USGS or Aquaveo version of MF2K.

I comment out the "PES" and "SEN" files in the *.MFN file and can get the transient model to run to end of the first stress period but then it crashes.

One thing I noticed, the MNW package file is very simple and small in the exported files - much smaller and simpler that I would have expected. Is there a problem with exporting a MNW file from GMS in this manner?

Tried the process with the 9.2 beta and my 9.0.1 version.

The files are on your FTP site: Chest47.zip.

Any help would be appreciated.

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