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Problems using zonal classification feature


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I am using SMS 11.1.6 (32 bit) and 11.1.8 (64 bit) versions and, unlike when using previous versions, I am not able to use the zonal classification feature. The software crashes, indicating to report a bug. How can I overcome the problem? Is the bug being fixed? I need to extract the shape file of the wet front resulting from the simulation.

Thanks for your help.


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Thank you for taking time to report this issue to us. I have gone through and tested builds dating back to late last year (including 11.1.6 - 11.1.8) and have not been able to reproduce this issue. I suspect that it may be related to the files you are using. Is it possible for you to send us your files and the steps required to reproduce it?

Thank you for your time,

Raiphe Kelsch

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Hi Raiphe,

When I do the steps below, SMS crashes, and the same happens if I try to create the shapefile using depth instead of water level.


- with the project already open, open the mesh data (file *.xmdf);

- highlight water level;

- menu data/zonal classification;

- on the classification wizard window:

on the zones menu click new;

on the options menu leave on only the 'create merged coverage';

on the criteria list menu click new, highlight water level, click between, 0m-50m, timestep 6 20:00:00, ok.

However, I found that if I use the option "Greater than" instead of "Between", I can create the shape file. Does it make any sense?

Do you still want me to send you the files?



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