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Internal No Flow Barrier


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You could create a polygon for the area you need to make inactive in the Map module, right click on the polygon and from the popup menu select Select Intersecting Objects. From the dialog that pops up you would choose 3D grid cells. Then you would right click on the selected cells, select Properties, and set the IBOUND to inactive. If ortho mode is turned on, then only the cells in the current layer would be inactivated. If ortho mode is turned off, then the cells for all layers would be inactivated.

If you need to do this for some layers but not others, you could select the cells like above with ortho mode off, select the Display | Visibility | Isolate menu. Then go to side or front view (Display | View | View the I axis), select the cells for layers you want to make inactive, and right click and set the IBOUND through the properties dialog like above. To turn all grid cells back on, select Display | Visibility | Show.

Another possibility would be to use the Map module to add a horizontal barrier with a really low HC value.

A better option would be to allow coverages to have holes when using Feature Objects | Activate Cells in Coverage, which currently doesn't work in GMS. I'll add a feature request to add this ability in the future.

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