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exporting cross sections to HEC-RAS

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This should be simple but I am not figuring it out.

I have centerlines and banks, along with cross sections and I am trying to export that into HEC-RAS. The help says there is File I Export GIS Data but I do not see that under File. The only thing I can find is File I Save As I HEC-RAS GEO and I do that but when I try to bring in the *.geo file into a HEC-RAS project, nothing happens. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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The command that exports your project to HEC-RAS is in the River module. There is a menu item under HEC-RAS | Export GIS file. Before selecting this command, you need to have a centerline coverage in the map module and a cross section coverage with cross sections and then use the Map->1D Schematic command. There are videos and tutorials that describe how to setup a HEC-RAS model and run HEC-RAS on the WMS learning center. The learning center is located here:


I recommend watching the video "Building a HEC-RAS Model" and the "HEC-RAS Analysis" tutorial for a start. There are other tutorials that you can follow to learn how to work with cross section data. The page with all the tutorials is located here:


Let me know if you have any more questions.


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