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bringing in stream network as centerline?


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I have a huge area I am dealing with (200,000 Sq Km) and trying to avoid digitizing the centerline of the streams as well as the banks to creat the cross sections in HEC-RAS. Is there a way to bring in the shapefiles of stream network and the buffer around it as the centerline and the banks? Thanks.

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You can definitely bring in stream centerline shapefiles and buffer shapefiles as banks into WMS. Just read the shapefiles using File | Open. After reading the shapefiles, you can go to the GIS module, select the lines you want to use, and use the Shapes -> Feature Objects menu item in the GIS module to convert the stream and buffer lines to arcs in the map module. After getting the lines in the map module, make sure all the centerlines and bank lines are connected as a single arc except at the branches. Double-click on your centerlines and banks and convert them to centerline and bank arcs. Make sure the centerlines are going in the right direction (the arrows on the lines should be pointing downstream). After you have done these things, WMS can use the centerlines for the HEC-RAS model.


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