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Raster: map to modflow layers

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I'm using GMS 9.1.4 (64-bit) Build Date: Jul 9 2013.

I load a Surfer Ascii Grid file with the "File | Open Ascii Grid Files".

When I right click on it in the Project Explorer Frame I select "Interpolate to Modflow Layers". A new windows opens but I cannot select any items in the list box on the right side as it shows no items.

I convert the grid file to "2D Scatter" and the I successfully interpolate it to Modflow Layers.

Any suggestion?

Thank you

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Sounds like the MODFLOW Data list box is empty, correct? Are any of the toggles turned on to the right of the MODFLOW Data list box (toggles: Elevations, Heads, Flow package..)?

I just made a quick sample to try this and it seems to work for me in 9.1.5 and I don't know of any changes to this functionality between 9.1.4 and 9.1.5.

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Yes the Data list is empty and Elevations is on.

I save, close and reopen the grp file and now it 's SOLVED.

Thank you

Out topic:

Any suggestion to automatically fix observation wells elevation with a surface top elevation inside GMS?

I used to export Observations' Attribute table in Excel (as I have time series data), manually fix the elevation with the value I get from the Modflow Top elevation and paste back to Obs Attribute table.

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