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I just installed 9.1.5 on a new machine that is running Windows 8 Pro. I cannot get the program to see any of the mapped drives that I have on the computer. I have the projects directory on the server mapped to the local D: drive for easy access, but the program can only see the local drives. We have 9.1.5 and earlier versions on Windows 7 and XP machines in the office and they can all see the mapped drives just fine. Is this a problem with GMS and Windows 8? All of the other programs on the Windows 8 machine can see the mapped drives just fine.

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I just found out what was happening. It is a Windows 8 quirk. If you map your drives in your normal user account and then right click to run a program as administrator, you wont be able to see the drives that you mapped, even though you are still logged in as yourself. Windows 8 now treats running a program as administrator as a completely isolated login under the administrator account.

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