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Potential Bug in 9.1.5

Sean Czarniecki

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First - I'm having issues getting to anywhere besides this forum to report a potential bug. aquaveo.com is giving me the FORBIDDEN response. It is unlikely that it is our firewall, but I'll leave that possibility open for now.

Second - I was sent a GMS-based model (don't know which version was used initially). I opened it in 9.1.5 (8/20/13 build), ran the model....and came up with different results than what were sent along. They didn't seem too far off, so I moved on. After attempting to make some changes and having the software crash a couple of times (fairly large model and I was mapping a couple of coverages over to MODFLOW), I decided to pull it into 9.0.4 (3/25/13 build). Mapping went well. I ran the model and the results matched what I had been sent by the original modeler.

Therefore, there could potentially be 2 bugs - one that impacted my mapping to MODFLOW and one where the model results were different. Please note that it is using the UPW package and NWT solver - this may assist in figuring things out. If you need to see the example files, please let me know where to place them.


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Thanks for letting us know about these problems you are experiencing. We did have trouble with our website yesterday but it should be back now. We are sending an email now to an email address we have for you from past contacts. If the address is not correct and the email doesn't get to you, please send us an email at support@aquaveo.com.

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