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Worldview temp files causing crash

Rob Virtue

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I was editing a large model and added one new scatter point, which caused GMS to crash. I could then not reopen the model. After the panic attack subsided, I noticed that my hard drive was full. After deleting or moving about 3 GB of files off my hard drive the model opened and edited OK for a while and then crashed again. I noticed the hard drive was full again and did some hunting around and found that there was about 30 GB of world imagery files in \temp.

Two Lesson:

- make sure the "online maps" box not checked in GIS once the image is downloaded, to prevent is downloading again every time the view changes; and

- regularly clear the cache (under "advanced" options in "get on line maps") or delete temp files.

Panic over and back to the model. And backing up the model.

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We haven't had any similar issues reported. We may be able to reproduce and fix the issue if we can get the location being viewed and the type or types of online images (either here or email support at aquaveo.com).

One thing you could possibly do is to right click on the online image in the Project Explorer and then export the image to make a local copy. Then you could delete the online image and use the local image. Then it should no longer take up space in the temp folder.

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