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Warning elevation near open bounday

jismy poulose

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I have grid with a minimum resolution 200 m near the coastal boundary.

When I try to run the model with a cyclone track, it gives 'warning elevation' in the open boundary where the land boundary and the ocean boundary meets. Then model stops running.

What could be the possible reason for this warning elevation?


Jismy Poulose


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This is an ADCIRC simulation. We added a new wind scheme 'Jelesnianski' to the ADCIRC code version v47.20 (NWS=301). The cyclone track includes pressure drop and radius of maximum wind. I am attaching cyclone track here.

cyclone Thane

TOTAL NO. OF OBSERVATIONS OF THE CYCLONE TRACK (Lat, Lon, Rmax (meters), pressure drop, time interval)


12.0 82.0 30000 30 0

12.0 81.7 30000 30 3

12.0 81.3 30000 30 3

12.0 81.0 30000 30 3

11.8 80.6 30000 30 3

11.8 80.3 30000 30 3

11.6 79.9 30000 30 3

11.6 79.5 30000 16 3

11.6 79.0 30000 5 3



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