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Stochastic MODFLOW cancel button: bug?

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I'm running a Stochastic MODFLOW.

When I press the Abort button while perfoming simulation on different HUF realization (and check the 'read solution on exit' flag too), a new window appears (Reading stochastic solution) to let the user select which Simulation is to be loaded in GMS.

The simulations appears in the previous running status, misleading the user to select the correct one.

It's a bug?

Thank you.

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As it currently works if you've run every realization already GMS will read the results from the last time it completed everything. If you haven't run through every realization, then GMS gives an error message: "Error reading stochastic results." It would be better when you hit abort if it would list all of the realizations with only the ones ran so far checked and listed as completed. I've reported this as a bug and we're working on fixing it.

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This error still seems to be present when running Stochastic Modflow. I still get the same error message as described above. There is no difference if all solutions converges or if there are a few solution that are not converging. The model works perfectly fine in a forward run. I use the NWT solver. Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

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