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Units: meters, projections and errors

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When I start a new model, the units are set to feet but I need meters.

I try to change feets to meters but I can not get it set until I choose a Projection (UTM WGS84 F32). But I don't need any projection.

So I reopen the Units Dialog box and switch to No Projection (see attached file, forum-1).

Then I load a dxf file with linear quotes but when I measure them inside GMS I got wrong measures (see attached file, forum-2).

What's wrong?

I attached 2 files:

forum-1 = No projection settings and units in meters

forum-2 = importing a dxf GMS measures a different segment length (GMS measure = 147, Autocad DWG = 471 m).

Any suggestion?



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I've been able to get the same thing to happen. The only way I've found to get the measure tool to work correctly again is to switch back to feet by setting a projection using feet. Then after using the measure tool, setting back to meters, and then to no projection. When reproducing this bug the x/y coordinates displayed at the bottom left of the graphics window are still correct, it just appears to be the measure tool that works incorrectly. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We are working on fixing this.

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