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Creating Unconfomities in Borehole


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Several boreholes that I'm looking at show unconformities (sequence boundaries). I was wondering how I can show this as a horizon, specifically for the purpose of running T-PROGS, so that when I run the programme, it will analyze the layer below the unconformity and the layer above as independent variables.

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If I understand correctly you want to run T-PROGS on only a portion of the boreholes. You could do this by going into the borehole editor for each borehole (double click on a borehole or right click and select Properties in Project Explorer) and setting the HGU ID to be the same for all of the portions of every borehole you want to be used when running T-PROGS. Then in the T-PROGS | Materials dialog select Use one HGU, and select the HGU they've all been set to.

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