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Array error when starting a transient MODFLOW run

Chris Greer

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I'm following the same process (I think) that I've used before, switching a model from a steady-state calibrated model to a transient one. But now I am getting an error soon after starting MF saying that "allocation of arrays X, Z, IX and XMS failed." (see image) I've run through the tutorials and steps I've taken in previous translations and can't find my error. Does this error ring any bells? Thanks!


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If you built the model using the conceptual model approach then GMS uses the observation package to get computed flows. MODFLOW uses a lot of memory (unnecessarily) when you have this many observations. You could try selecting the MODFLOW | OC - Output Control menu and turning off "Enabling saving of computed flows for all source/sinks objects."

If you want the computed flows, another thing you could try is running the model with 64-bit MODFLOW. In order to do so you need to have a 64-bit windows operating system installed. You turn on 64-bit MODFLOW by selecting the Edit | Preferences menu, selecting MODFLOW in the list to the left of the Preferences dialog, and turning on the 64-bit toggle. In GMS 9.0 and later you can turn on 64-bit for the current model only by selecting MODFLOW | Global Options and turning on the 64-bit toggle.

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