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Create XS2D BoreLines Failing


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I have gone through the tutorials and am now attempting to modify my own data to work with the tools. I am running into an issue with creating the XS2D borelines, as the tool fails. I attached a screenshot of the tool failure.

Any help would be great.


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Here you go:

Executing: CreateXS2DBoreLines SectionLine 4 XS2D_Catalog "OCWD_Wells selection" test1 XS2D_Boreline_4 OVERWRITE HydroID WellID

Start Time: Thu Jun 13 07:05:46 2013

Found XS2D Boreline feature class named 'XS2D_Boreline_4'.

Found SectionLine feature class named 'SectionLine'.

Found XS2D_Catalog table named 'XS2D_Catalog'.

Found Well layer or feature class named 'OCWD_Wells selection'.

Found BoreholeLog table named 'test1'.

Checking for valid SectionLine feature...

Found 'SectionLine' feature named 'C-C'' with HydroID = 4 and length 43347.5035276418 in units of Foot_US.

Checking for valid BoreholeLog table...

Found WellID, TopElev, and BottomElev fields in test1 table.

Checking for valid well features...

Number of wells found: 4

Creating boreline features...

System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.

at AHGW_GP.SubsurfaceAnalyst.GPtoolkit.XSEditor.Import2DXsBorelinesFromWellsFunction.Execute(IArray paramvalues, ITrackCancel trackcancel, IGPEnvironmentManager envMgr, IGPMessages message)

Failed to execute (CreateXS2DBoreLines).

Failed at Thu Jun 13 07:05:53 2013 (Elapsed Time: 7.00 seconds)

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