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Scale Bar

Bruce Campbell

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A scale bar can be created by right clicking in the Project Explorer and selecting New | Annotation Layer - Screen Space. The annotations tool bar palette should appear to the right of the Project Explorer when you click on the Annotation Data layer that gets added to the Project Explorer. There's a tool to create a scale bar (about 6th from the bottom or second down from the select tool). Then it's just a matter of clicking and dragging where you want the scale bar to go.

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The addition of the scale bar, north arrow and annotations are a great addition to the feature set of GMS. However, when producing print-quality figures, it is necessary to set the Bitmap scale factor to something greater than 1 (usually 3 will be sufficient to get high enough resolution output). When you copy to clipboard with a scale factor greater than 1, this unfortunately changes the look of the scale bar from what is shown on the screen (the fonts don't scale properly and the bar itself become dis-proportioned).

It's a small problem, but it affects how we present model output figures,etc in a very real way.

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