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Peak of peak - running multiple durations for the same ARI event

sam p

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Thanks Tom,

I have TUFLOW and SMS v11.1.

My problem is that I have three inflow bc's and want to find the peak of the peaks of the 100yr at my point of interest. Currently I need to enter each event duration combination as a new boundary condition. For example: bc 1 100yr_9hr_9hr_9hr = 9hr/inflow 1, 9hr/inflow 2, 9hr/inflow 3 :bc 2 100yr_9hr_9hr_12hr = 9hr/inflow 1, 9hr/inflow 2, 12hr/inflow 3: bc 3 100yr_9hr_12hr_9hr = 9hr/inflow 1, 12hr/inflow 2, 9hr/inflow 3......etc

Effectively I am inputting the same boundary conditions multiple times in different combinations. This can become very time consuming when there are more than 2 inflows and multiple durations.

Is there a way of running multiple combinations of boundary conditions in SMS? If not would like to suggest that it is incorporated into future versions.


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