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Mapping solution deviations from obs.

Guest hydrocrat1

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Guest hydrocrat1

I have a regional steady-state MODFLOW model with 600+ observation points for head. After execution I can see the Residual Heads in the observation coverage attribute table. Is there a way to display these next to the obs. points on the display instead of the box and wisker plots? The box and wisker view is VERY cluttered. Alternatively, what's the basic sequence for mapping this to a 2D scatter point so I could contour it and then show a deviation ‘map’? I tried mapping to scatter points, but it didn't "carry along" the Residuals.

NOTE: I don't have access to the original well files; all I have is the observation coverage in GMS.

BTW: I've tried exporting the coverage as a shapefile to either bring it back in as a GIS coverage or something, but in the resulting shapefile the Residual Head field has a negative 10 million added to the values [i.e., 2.34 is -10000002.34].

Thanks in advance for any advice, John Good

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