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Steady State to Transient - Recharge in Flow Budget


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Dear All,

I am struggling to figure out why my flow budget is not tabulating recharge as a "Flow In" value.

Background: So I competed a steady state groundwater flow model, using NWT solver in GMS 8.3. The steady state flow model works perfectly (i.e.. flow budget shows a value as "flow in" for recharge, calibrated, heads, etc.)

However, as soon as I change the steady state groundwater flow model to a transient model, using transient observation data, no value is "read" in the flow budget for recharge. So i played around to sort this out, using transient recharge data or single value recharge data. In the modflow package the recharge values are shown.

All my dates/times for the stress periods, observation data and recharge are the same.

So my question is what should I do to get the recharge "read" by modflow to be tabulated in the flow budget? Without the recharge value forming part of my modflow solution the observation heads can't be calibrated using transient data.

Any suggestions will be great. Thanks in advance.



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