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Calibration target - model does not show up result


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Im using GSM ver. 9.03 to model a region with 4 layers. When using "Pilot approach" to calibrate the model parameters, input data of obs. well were acquired for X, Y, Head, Interval, Confidence, 3d grid layer option for obs. pts was sellected for "By layer number". However, calibration target was not be shown at the end.

When select individual well, only obs. head is indicated, not computed data.

Can anyone help me for this matter? How to show up result of calibration target next to each observation point?

Thank you,

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Can you verify that the cell where the observation point in located has a computed value (it is not dry or inactive)? Also, just double check in the MODFLOW | Observation menu command and make sure that the coverage is check in the dialog that comes up.

If all of that is ok I would suggest contacting support@aquaveo.com so that we can look at your files.

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Thanks Alan,

I did check all and confirm that every function has been set in an appropriate manner.

In that simulation, I combined several runs, same settings for all runs but difference in optimised parameters. When deleted the previous runs, calibration target appears. I dont know why but it helps.


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