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WMS 9.1 is compatible with CE-QUAL-W2 version 3.5. Most people use WMS for setting up bathymetry files and possibly setting up initial input files for CE-QUAL-W2. Has the bathymetry file changed in version 3.7? Currently we have no plans to upgrade the file formats to write to v. 3.7, but if there's enough demand we would consider it. Those who are interested in having WMS write to the newest CE-QUAL-W2 format could state your interest here.

Update: I looked on the W2 web site and noticed they have a pre-processor included with the W2 download. I'd recommend trying that pre-processor and let me know what your experience is (I have not tried it). You might also be able to set up a complete model that includes the control file and other information in WMS, export the control file from WMS, and then try to import it into the pre-processor. I would still definitely recommend building and exporting your bathymetry file from WMS. WMS has some tools for generating the bathymetry file that will save you lots of time. Keep in touch and let me know what your experience is.


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