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Creating faults in GMS


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We recently work with GMS for creating an underground model for a coal deposit. The deposit has a quite complex structure.

We read in borehole data and constructed cross sections between the boreholes.

The deposit has the characteristic of several geological faults/fractures/breaklines. We would like to know, how to deal best with faults in GMS? Especially concerning the Modflow-Model, which should be generated out of the geological model.

Is there a special tool in GMS for creating faults?

Thank you and greetings from Germany.

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If the faults are nearly vertical then you can divide the boreholes into groups based on the locations relative to the faults and create multiple sets of solids. Similar to what is shown here:


As for representing the stratigraphy in MODFLOW... here are a couple of ideas.

HUF is the most versatile for handling complex stratigraphy. http://xmswiki.com/xms/GMS:HUF_Package

You could also use lpf or bcf and use the classify material zones option with material properties. http://xmswiki.com/x..._Material_Zones

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