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Simple question about Boundary condition


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Dear all

I have trouble modeling a square site with different BC.

at one side I have river (I put constant head as BC) and no problem in that for modeling.


1) at one side I have rock (no flow coming in or out from site at this side) and

2) at other side of square area I have no BC (I mean the water can flow out of area etc)

what is the difference in modeling number 1 and 2? how to difine them in my model? my model currently have active cells in coverage so I think it means all sides I have rock, right?

Thank you,


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Thank you Sean. sounds like I need to know lots of details to get it work.

- can I define drain for those arcs to let them have flow out of my domain if it's necessary.

- how people model an area? they always are aware of all boundary around their farm/ field/ wells/ etc?

is there any source I can see multiple type of fields modeled in Mod-flow?

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Yes - drains are certainly a way to do it (often used when simulating wetlands), but a constant/changing/general head boundary is probably better (drains only take water out - they don't add water to maintain a certain elevation). Estimate what your head should be in that area and set the head at that elevation. You can adjust it if your initial estimate doesn't produce the results you expect.

You typically try to set up the model domain (extents) to reach some sort of boundary condition (river, lake, wetland, top of a hill). Having the upgradient and downgradient conditions set makes life a lot easier. Often times we don't have good information and you have to do as I just suggested above with boundary conditions. The more data you have, usually the better model you can design.

If you go to the GMS help, you will see the references for the various MODFLOW user's guides. Those are where you should look for information.

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