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SMS-10.0.2 crashes reading fort.22 file

Mark Prater

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Hi all,

I'm running SMS 10.0.2 on a Windows XP pro (2002-SP2) machine. Now and then, SMS will crash as I'm trying to read an ascii fort.22 file (in ADCIRC NWS 5 format). I haven't been able to determine the reason yet. (Note that SMS is crashing - not ADCIRC). Sometimes I can restart SMS and reload my project.sms file and then load the fort.22 without a problem, and other times I've only been able to successful load the file after much fiddling (e.g. reloading the fort.14 and fort.15 files separately, resetting model parameters, etc.). The fort.22 file is rather large - 200 Mb. Is that the problem? Or is there a subtle sequence of setting the model parameters? In fact, is there a way to have ADCIRC access the fort.22 file directly without having to load it first through SMS? I'm thinking about longer simulations on larger meshes. Thanks -- Mark

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If you can figure out a way for it to consistently crash, please send the files you are using and a description of the steps to make it crash to technical support. They will probably have you upload it to their FTP site if the files are large.


Although I don't think it will help with the problem you are having, there is a newer version of SMS out...


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