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Bouss 2D - No Solutions on very fine grid.


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hello every one,

i have been doing the following model for some time.

the basis of the model is study of impact by artificial reefs on wave induced local currents

we have designed a model oriented for peak wave direction

We have a model of 5m resolution suggested by the tool box for the wave periods and runup.

the wave maker is kept at a depth of 10m.

The cell string on sides are purely absorbing and land has a value of 0.1(as suggested in the tutorial).

mostly it is in accordance with the bouss2d tutorial.

it has given some decent results, till breaking zone, post which does not agree so good with the site data.

A model has been constructed with grid size of 1.5m to depict reef width of 3m clearly, with some smoothening in bathymetry.

this doesnot show up any result.

i've checked the timing of wave maker, model control to we have increased the simulation time upto 3000 steps. but no result has been updated post simulation. what could be the problem

Looking for some light.

Thanks in advance

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You may want to try removing the damping on the lateral boundary. Sometimes this damping region can produce diffraction effects that impact results or cause instability.

I have been in contact with the BOUSS2D developer and he is working on an option to handle this open lateral boundary better. That version should be available with SMS 11.1 very soon.

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