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A Note Pad / Scratch Pad linked to a project file


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Scott Morgan (scott.a.morgan@urs.com) - Please pass along - Recommend a feature -> Note Pad

- A Note Pad / Scratch Pad linked to a project file

During model development we are forever tweaking and changing things. Having a note/scratch pad to jot down what we did would be extremely useful. The text file would then be linked to the group file. Then, when we or someone else opens the model, we could have and idea of what we were up to (if we had chosen to add the information) last time we were working with that model.

If you want to be fancy, you could

-time stamp each entry

-provide a built in utility to write the notes down to a single text file (make the model self documenting)

-provide an optional prompt before closing the model file "Do you want to make a note before closing the project? "Yes / No / Do not show this again"

-Make the note pad a frame in the main model view window for easy data entry.



"Increased model heads to account for dry cells at pond"


"Heads are better, ran PEST, results in line with suggested values, left them as is"


"Plume moves too far, was told I must use 0.0004 -dy. Increased Kd to retard plume."


"Plume still moving too far. Possible cause lies in dispersion. Will check tomorrow"


I personally think, if well executed, that this would increase the real world usability of GMS much more than any other "glitzy" feature such as specular lighting.

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